Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dog Cat Bird

A wonderfully sunny day here today before the clouds came in from the north. The nice weather makes working outside very nice so I've begun work on the various projects around - completing flower boxes for the shed, trenching for drip water lines to trees, etc.  Next week shows temps in the 50's so may have to bring out the shorts!

Some photos from the day:

Murphy often carries a toy with him and this time it was the dragon from Ding Darling that got to come with us to Home Depot!

Somewhat hard to make out because his color matches the shed so well, Fuzzy checked out the interior today.

Had to have a bird, right? Well, I headed off to HD realizing that I had left my camera at home and I see this beauty just down Erda Way.  So a quick u-turn and get camera and come back, make another u-turn to approach the best way and here he is!  Another reminder to always carry my camera with me :-)..

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