Friday, February 6, 2015

Exploring Tooele history

We journeyed to Mercur today to see what we would see. Turns out the road is gated off a ways up as there is an operating precious metals mine there - so we turned around and explored the Mercur cemetery. What an eye-opener!
We're so used to headstones telling us a story that not having them was a bit disconcerting. Just piles of rock - and in some cases a wooden fence - surrounded the graves. But the common thread with other graveyards were the items that visitors had left behind - whether they knew the buried person or not. Always fascinating.
The graveyard is up on a hill and is marked by a plaque on the road by a slight turnoff. A short walk through a gully and up the hill brings you into the cemetery - or cemetary as was shown on the sign.
Here's a few photos from the trip..

Here we are!

Stones alone mark many of the gravesites.

A very beautiful place to be buried - or to visit.

The human touch is here in the next three:

Amongst death there is life - sometimes you have to look for it.

The vein of quartz stirs thoughts of precious metals discoveries!

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