Friday, February 13, 2015

Things have changed!

Another year at Farmington Bay and things have changed even more. No Bald Eagles sighted today and tomorrow is Bald Eagle Day - despite PILES of dead carp for food.  Even the gulls seem sated and only a little bit interested.
Tundra swans way out on the southern reach, GBH's standing around by a stream, Pied Bill Grebes fishing and a few hawks here and there - not a very active day as far as wildlife goes. Got to watch a pair of Kestrels take on a hawk - incredible size difference but they kept at it driving the hawk away. Raccoon tracks in the mud, Northern Harriers and seagulls flying by and a Red-tailed Hawk stopped by briefly to say hello. Of course Murphy is as handsome as always!

We get used to ignoring gulls but they are very beautiful also.

The Harrier on patrol!

Lots of food for the birds and no takers.

Raccoon tracks in the marsh mud.

Patience rewarded - After seeing nothing and sitting on top of Goose Egg Hill for 20 minutes, this guy comes barreling towards us from out in the marsh.  He then sits in the tree for a few minutes and then is off again.

Darn he is handsome!

What do you think - handsome also or ????????

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