Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Remember how excited you get when you first see the antlers of a LARGE mammal? And the beating of your heart as his head appears looking directly at you? Here's 1200+ pounds of muscle watching you warily just a short distance away. Wow!

Then he takes a few bites and chews lazily, all the while watching you..

Monday, July 30, 2018


Diana and I had Sunday brunch at Alta and then spent the night.  We saw this bull moose while we were eating brunch but couldn't find him later. This morning I got up early and saw him out the window of our room so off I went.
Here's a couple of shots - He is a beauty! I was about 40 feet away from him, but behind a series of metal lift seats. He watched me closely but as long as I stood still (or relatively so) he was not spooked.
Quite an experience.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Full moon

I have so many full moon photos and eclipse photos that I didn't stay up to photograph last night.  But this morning looking out over the courtyard I saw this shot and liked it.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Here's another photo that I looked at for a long while before completing..

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Antelope Island

I managed to be on Antelope Island this morning for some great morning light shots. The island and lake are unique and mystical - I always feel like I am in another time phase.  Or no time.
A few antelope showed up for photos, a couple of bison - all male. The females are sequestered in a remote place where they can protect their new-borns from predators.
No deer or coyote spotted. A few Meadowlarks but no singing now.

Which way now, Bro?

Do you see the antelope?

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Fire, rain, cranes,

Day 2 started out sunny and warm - hard sleeping up here when it is warm. After my walk with Molly I headed down to the wetlands to see the Sandhill Cranes. And boy, did I see them. Probably 4 pairs and a couple of little ones and 4 or 5 singles. Gargling and flying around, they see you a long ways away which limits your options on trying to get a decent photo. But what the heck - we tried anyway!
The other thing I am finding on hot days in open areas that the heat messes with long distant shots - they are never crisp.  I've seen this before at the refuge on hot days and finally read about it on Moose Peterson's blog. Well, you work with what you have - and plan to get up earlier next time.
A lightning caused fire started over the mountain just about 12 miles from here - and the smoke was terribly beautiful. But a decent rain storm came through and things appear to have settled down.
Here's some shots from both last night's sunset and today..enjoy!

Spectacular sunsets are the norm here...

Our walking road...

Moth in the rocks..

The interior is awesome..

Red-tailed soaring...


Female rufous

Molly hasn't see him yet..



Berries in their various colors - the tanagers eat the red ones.

Patterns - manmade and natural..

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

July in the Manti-LaSal mountains

We're spending a couple of days at our friends cabin with Molly during the middle of the week. Very quiet up here compared to weekends which aren't all that noisy anyway.
Molly and I saw lots of deer this morning on an early walk. She loves the freedom being up here gives her - sitting on the deck most of the time, taking long walks where she roams chasing whatever strikes her fancy.  Hasn't caught anything but still tries.
I filled the hummingbird feeder when we got here and they haven't stopped buzzing since! Rufous and Broad-tailed are the two I recognize; with the Rufous taking on the role of guardian of the feeder as usual. There's times when I am standing out there and three or four are flying around my head VERY close!
A Yellow-bellied Marmot, a Western Tanager, hummers, and just a wonderfully beautiful place makes it so relaxing.  Thanks Ruth and Gary!

Wildflower are still wonderful.


Early morning skies..


Western Tanager in the berry bush..

Western Flycatcher


Female Broadtailed...

Meditating butterfly!