Monday, June 30, 2014

Simple things

There are many conversations that one could make up for these two - I wonder what Mr. Anonymous will come up with!

Simple beauty....

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Rambled through the past week with a visit to North Willow Creek canyon in the Stansbury Mountains, sunsets, a weekend visit with my sister Sharon and plenty of subject matter. We have finalized a multi-phase plan for landscaping the lot and the initial phase begins July 7. So I'm taking photos for documentation around the house as that is where most of this phase's work will be done.  Sharon and I visited Horsehoe Springs and thoroughly enjoyed watching Murphy enjoy the water!
Here's a few things that caught my eye during the last few days.

The vastness of this area is hard to take in - here's Stansbury mountains coming down to the point and Stansbury Island in the GSL.

From the big to the small - all parts of our environment and beauty here.

I love horses and golden hour light.

Once you start looking these big guys are everywhere in a certain area at Horseshoe Springs!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bird Eyes!

We are fortunate that the birds come in pretty close to us - although they do leave their calling card on the deck railing!!! But they fly in, sit and stare at us in a way that seems like they are trying to figure us out - just as we are with them.

The barn next door seems to have turned into a staging area for the blackbirds before and after feeding at our feeder!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pond Beauty

We visited Horsehoe Springs yesterday and wondered if there were any shorebirds left around - both stilts and avocets came to say hello to us. We also got to watch a large fish jump so I am going back with my fishing gear to see what luck I might have.

This black-necked stilt looks like he was walking on water.

This orange beauty finally stayed still long enough for me to capture a photo - exquisite forms in her wings.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Savanna is calling

Late evening light on the Adirondacks in the Savanna - very peaceful.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Some shots from around the neighborhood

Today here are some shots from around the neighborhood - animals, birds, and scenery.

The western way of watering crops

Evening sun on clouds over Oquirrh's

Friendly neighbor down the street - he is one BIG horse!

Looking south - our house is the one with the tan truck in front.

Diana and her sister Lucille on the deck.

The house finches are in heaven!

Similar to many of the residents here, our neighbors have two horses and a large area for them - cuts down on the grass you have to mow.

Finally, a Bullock's Oriole female that is so much smarter than the male! She found and uses the oriole feeder while he is still trying to get nectar from the hummingbird feeder! Beauty and brains don't always seem to go together.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Morning has broken

A very beautiful morning today but only seen in it's true color very early - 5:30 -ish.

The very first day lily bloomed today!

Diana in the Savanna! Early morning newspaper reading.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


As I write this, this has been an afternoon with a sky without a cloud in sight!  We had a very good lunch at the Stockton Miner's Cafe - haddock fish and chips and a good talk with Chef Kent! After finishing with a Caramel Apple Fritter (Kent's recipe) we meandered back home and enjoyed a brief nap!
The birds visit our feeders regularly and sometimes - with the yellow-headed blackbirds - I think I may have created a monster since so many show up to eat. But I've decided to build another platform feeder with a 'cap' on it so only the smaller finches, etc. can get in. The Bullock's Oriole visited tonight and for the finale the local gentleman came around with his horse and carriage and what I believe are his grandkids!
A FUN day.

I counted 11 in this photo.

The Bullock's just shines with beauty.

This has become a regular event around the circle!


A number of plants did not make it in our herb garden so I dug the garden bed out and replaced it with a Gromix from Biograss. Nice to have loamy black soil again!!! We'll see how the plants do.
Good prices at HD on a few trees that we wanted got us this mini-forest that the birds love! Soon they will be planted.
Speaking of birds, this fabulous goldfinch returned last night - stunning in its display of black and yellow. The yellow-headed blackbirds continue to come and eat and the bullock's orioles show up regularly altho' not for a photo unfortunately.
Finally, the sunset beauty continues to make us say "Ahhh" and the warm oranges light as the sun disappears is very comforting.


Three Hornbeam, one Cottonwood, one Beech and one Japanese Plum tree (brought from Kensington Ave).

The savanna is quite yellow now. Great place for Sundowners!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Day of Surprises - Frontier Suburbia!

It rained most of today turning our open areas into a mud that will not let go - like modeling clay but stickier! Murphy had to have his feet cleaned twice as he doesn't make much of a distinction between wet and dry!
We were participants to and observers of much wonderfulness. Diana found a young hummingbird struggling to fly in the front room - fortunately it was exhausted enough that it let me pick it up and take it out to the feeder where it drank nectar and revived and left us.
Lots of yellow-headed blackbirds are showing up to the feeder - a "merl"!
Small birds - mostly house finches - were finding every nook and cranny to hide from the rain - they are the darned cutest things!
Rainbows and beautiful clouds this evening capped off the day and a walk with Murphy through wet grass - he was running - made the perfect segway to dinner time!
While the dust and wind does tire us the beauty and exposure to nature in a more direct way is very rewarding.

One of Murphy's friends dropped by this morning to say hello (and see if any food was left over).

Finches hiding from the rain and wind.

Young hummer ready to eat. Diana took this photo.

A 'merl" of yellow-headed blackbirds at the feeder.

Looking east after the rain passed.

Big sky.

Murphy enjoying a romp through the wet grass.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tooele Garden Tour

Saturday we attended the Tooele Master Gardeners Tour covering about 12 sites in Tooele county. Fascinating what people have done and tried to do with their land. It provided us with renewed enthusiasm for our project as well as some great photos!
Here's a few photos from the tour - remember I shoot what I like so not a lot of 'documentation'.

All of the next photos were taken on a 22 acre paradise featuring very large trees and lots of water - reminiscent of some place other than the desert. You can see how big some of the plants are by looking at Diana walking through them.

With all the foot traffic this Robin sat on her nest and watched us!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Breakfast Cafe

Or "Feed them and they will come!"
We're continuing to be amazed at the wide variety of birds stopping by to see us - really to eat the food we have put out. Below are a few photos of some of the visitors and the Bullock's Oriole stopped by again this morning for another attempt at the hummingbird feeder - apparently they like nectar also!

All finches but very different colors.

Yellow-headed Blackbird sampling the menu.