Friday, October 20, 2017

Refuge Friday

Today started out quite warm and clear but rapidly turned to dust and windy and a drop of 15 degrees anyway. But Molly and I are intrepid so off to the refuge we went.
As expected - with the wind about the only birds flying were seagulls. Hawks were trying but they couldn't keep a straight flight path or hover like they often do. I got a few of them as the wind held them up long enough for a photo.
We took a walk in a somewhat protected place and sure enough, Molly spooked a nice looking buck deer. He cooperated by running around the edge of the meadows so I had a few opportunities to capture a decent photo. What a treat. As his tail is not up, he was apparently not scared of Molly, just cautious.
A good day to be alive and in the wilds.

Seagulls make for good panning practice.

Seagulls do fish - they'll dive and come up with something occasionally.

Just when you think they aren't looking you see the red of their eyes!

Flotsam - the small white particles are seeds from the cattails.

Just a mellow shot.

Here's the big boy!

Classic Canadien geese flight

Cute little whatever!?

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Backyard color

The fall sunlight is exceptional this year and the remaining flowers are touched beautifully by it.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

More high desert photos

After reviewing and deleting photos from our trip I came up with a few more that I liked and wanted to share..

Backlite and dark and color - I just can't pass it up.

A Scrub Jay with peanuts sitting on a pinion pine!


Light makes the path

Eyelash grasses closeup

A windy morning Saturday

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Torrey photos, finally!

Here's some of the ones I liked best from our time in Torrey-Teasdale. We stayed at the Pine Shadows Cabins  in Teasdale, our favorite place to stay. Molly and I got in a lot of exercise and Diana joined us for some time of throwing a stick in the water for Molly to retrieve. We did wear her out!
Beautiful warm weather until the day we left, when the water from sprinklers in the fields was forming ice! Time to come home! Not that it is all that warm at home!

Red rock country - the cliffs at the base of Thousand Lake Mountain.

Molly watching for rabbits - and she did see and chase one just after this shot..

Eyelash grass - exquisitely beautiful but you have to look.

Features of the cliffs

Ice on Molly's swimming pond - made her wait till it melted before letting her in.

A western classic - a pole fence.

Molly waiting for me to throw the stick!

As we walked through the area there were many small landscapes that caught our attention.

Orange and red and green and black...

A lone cottonwood in the midst of pinion pine and juniper..

A breezy cold morning today.

A pano - looking at Thousand Lakes Mountain from Teasdale at sunset. Photo needs to be about 10x this size to appreciate it. Click on it to get a better view.

Friday, October 13, 2017


We're in Torrey till Saturday but I forgot my computer power cord so have not posted any photos here. We'll see how long my battery lasts today, otherwise I'll post photos starting tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

105mm f/2.8 in backyard

Experimenting with my 105 mm in the backyard I came up with some photos that I liked..

The lens is very sharp.

Extra fun - photographing the fountain I found purple in the water!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Refuge Saturday

Saturday was the opening day of duck season and there were 100's of hunters out at the refuge! Some had trailers that they had stayed the night in, some had boats some had bikes and some just walked. But there were a lot and apparently it was a good opener - lots of ducks.
So I found a quiet no-hunting area and wandered around to see what I could see.
The wetlands are gorgeous in the fall, all shades of color and unexpected reds and greens show up at times. Here's some of what I saw yesterday.

Quiet ponds here, some hiding ducks away from the hunters.

Great Blue Heron and two Black-crowned Night herons.

The Harrier flew around me several times hunting. I scrunched down in the grasses hoping she would come closer.

Friday, October 6, 2017

More refuge..

Here's some additional photos from yesterday's trip to the refuge. Butterflies were everywhere as the sun warmed the air and the flowers.

Can't forget the smaller birds, they are beautiful also.

The harriers are back, glad to see them.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The refuge again!

I hit the refuge about midday today, and it was just like a tomb - quiet, quiet!  So I just hung out and sure enough, things started to happen. A Grey Ghost (male harrier) glided by, a juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron posed, and the Western Grebes water danced (kind of) for me. A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk got curious and gave me a great shot!  Kingfisher shot by - no photos of the speed demon. Butterflies on rabbit brush and other flowers - along with a lot of honeybees.
Moments of beauty...

The butterflies were engrossed in the rabbit brush so I just walked up to them.

Juvenile black-crowned night herons - lots of them around if you watch closely.

Juvenile Red-tailed hawk..wait awhile and they'll often come to see what you are.

BB - butterfly and bee

American kestrel with dinner.