Saturday, February 17, 2018

Refuge Saturday

UPDATE:  Randy has uploaded some of his shots to  Very good stuff!

My neighbor and I toured the refuge this morning, a sunny day before a (predicted) big snowstorm. Loads of Harriers, the first Sandhill Cranes I have seen, several Eagles, Red-tailed Hawk, Rough-legged Hawk, Tundra Swans (young and adult), Great Blue Heron flyby and beautiful ducks. A cold wind kept us buttoned up, but didn't deter our enthusiasm for being there and enjoying what Mother Nature had for us.
Here's the ones I got today - when Randy get's his up in Flickr I'll add a link to his shots.

Not much of a photo but here they are, the first Sandhill's.

Lots of discussion on this one initially, Golden eagle or juvenile Bald or... Now that I look closely it's an adult Red-tailed Hawk.

Northern Harrier

Tundra Swan family -  I believe the back two in the first frame are juveniles due to their dusky heads.

One solitary eagle in the field - we did see one other out in the large pond.

Rough-legged on it's favorite resting spot.

Something disturbed a large group of herons out in the marsh - several flew by us rather close. What beauty.

Northern Shovelers

An American Widgeon. Commonly known as a Baldpate, or Cotton top.

Red-tailed Hawk - juvenile.

Some cool photos..

Here's some oldies but goodies for you...

From Ding Darling WMA

A morning walk in Albion Basin uncovered these two sleepyheads!

Raptors have a very Imperious stare!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Owl time..

Back in January of 2013 I had a wonderful day filled with owls while out at the refuge. Going back through my photos allowed me to relive that time and the excitement while missing out on the cold!
Here's a few of what I captured... It was a time of inversions so the sun made a red ball in the sky.

Barn owls hunting..

Short-eared owl, I believe..

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Old photo review - continued

Here's some more older photos I liked as I review and delete older photos.

Black-necked stilts

Bee and crocus

Golden Eagle with prey

Quite a beauty

Say AAAAhhhhhhhhhh...

Sharp-shinned looking at me..

Turkey Trot..

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Refuge Tuesday

Looking for sunlight I visited the refuge this morning. It was sunny but still a bit of haze.

Kestrels, Harriers and Eagles were the star raptors today. Yes, eagles were there in force today, hanging out in the field along the stream where the dead carp were. Not many flying, perhaps their stomachs were too full of carp!

Tundra swans were closer in - got to watch a couple have a short tiff.

Just nice to be there today!

Male Harrier - aka grey ghost

Female harrier

Ouch - Tundra swans having a disagreement.

The eagles were a long ways away and staying on the ground

Female Harriers

Dark-morph Red-tailed hawk.

Two sides of the same Kestrel!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Digging through the old photos

I'm in process of going through all of my photos since 2007 - some 80,000. Doing a year at a time, it is fun to relive the experiences in some of the photos. Our Caribbean cruise, vacations in Sanibel and in Torrey and other places, friends, birthday parties for Carmen....

Here's a couple of photos that I found that I liked..

On our cruise, we watched a humpback whale breach..

a brown pelican floating by at eye level...

exotic flowers and hummingbirds...

Here at home - catching the bee in the crocus..

holding a hummingbird..

From our NC times, there is Johnson's in Siler City, great hamburgers and as old as I am!

Large snake in Costa Rico

And Great White Pelicans at Farmington Bay..

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Refuge Thursday

Today was the day of Eagles and Hawks - eagles of all ages floating in the air; Tundra swans in the distance being raucous, Harriers demonstrating their agility as they hunted, and the occasional Rough-legged. Overcast again - but lots of raptor activity.  Kestrels have disappeared - I think they are mating.

Tundra swans, Northern Shovelers, Pintails, Mallards....

A 'blue-eyed" crow..

Juvenile eagle probably in the process of molting

Adult Bald


Rough-legged - curious devils..

Adult eagle and juvenile