Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Molly's last day at refuge

As of 3/1 the refuge is closed to dogs until 9/1 - all in support of protecting the newborns and their families. So we went out for a tour and had a really great time. Sunny, warm and the Harriers were doing a mating ritual which I had not seen before.
The male harrier catches a vole-mouse, flies up high and then drops it - the pursuing female catches it. I didn't get to see what happened next!

A muskrat showed up - unafraid and seemingly enjoying the really cruddy water he was swimming in. But he watched me as he swam towards me -  and then disappeared under the bridge.

Here's the Harriers dancing - several of them got into it today..

Here's the male with the mouse.

Finally saw an eagle eating one of the carp - all by himself.

The red-tailed hawk was curious about these two things on the ground that were moving around so he made several swings just to check us out.

Here's Ratty, the muskrat!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Traveling Utah

From Erda to Boulder to Calf Creek and out to the wild horse range in the Cedar Mountains - here's some old shots for you..

Full moon above the Oquirrhs

Golden Eagle - hadn't had a chance to wash his mouth yet!

Dainty beauties

Long Canyon in the rain on the Burr Trail

Lower Calf Creek Falls.

 Rainbow looking east from our Erda house

Smoggy sunset

Walking stick stopped for a photo.

Wild horses in the west desert.


Another oldie day..

I've moved forward into 2015 and into May of that year. It was a great year, with travels to Sea Ranch, Taos, and just down the road to see the Great Horned Owl on her nest!

First, a Bullock's Oriole - the first one of the year -

The Benedictine Monastery Christ in the Desert in New Mexico, not far from O'Keefe's Ghost Ranch.

Mama checking out the photographer.

Seals watching the photographer.

Eyeball challenge - after taking this photo I found six GBH, one juvenile and one adult Black-crowned Night Herons in it. Plus the ducks..

Juvenile Great Horned Owl

Pelicans at play.


Don't mess with me!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Refuge Sunday

A bright sunny day today, after several gloomy cloud and snow filled days. So we checked into the refuge.

First off - we thought that we were going to see NO birds. No harriers or rough-legged or herons...just one kestrel on his sign. BUT soon things changed.
The herons were hiding in the tall grasses along the stream, the pelicans came out and did their synchronized swimming, harriers teased us into trying all sorts of antics in the car to get a photo! One male harrier flew in a circle three times around the car! I finally got a half-way decent photo and left!

Tundra swans out on the ice - they have the most colorful ducks as companions. Look at the ducks in the photo with them!


Oh yes. White-faced Ibis feeding and are getting their mating colors on..

Coots are cute sometimes..

Floating through the air...

Female harrier..

Tundra swans and their duck companions.

This male Harrier flew around us three times, seems like he kept giving me opportunities to photograph him - but he wouldn't slow down!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Refuge Thursday

Despite an overcast sky to start with the sun did attempt to come out, providing enough light for some wildlife photos. Lots of herons and Harriers, kestrels and several eagles. One unknown duck and just a nice day to be out at the marshes.

Red-breasted Merganser.

Female Harrier


Northern Harrier


Walking tall..

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Spending time with Sanibel, Florida photos is comforting on cold days. Here's a collection of ones I like from various spots around the island..

Bandito family

Evening snack


Incoming Osprey

Juvenile Little Blue Heron - starts out very white and molts to blue.

Little Blue adult..

Morn ing boat ride..