Monday, February 12, 2018

Digging through the old photos

I'm in process of going through all of my photos since 2007 - some 80,000. Doing a year at a time, it is fun to relive the experiences in some of the photos. Our Caribbean cruise, vacations in Sanibel and in Torrey and other places, friends, birthday parties for Carmen....

Here's a couple of photos that I found that I liked..

On our cruise, we watched a humpback whale breach..

a brown pelican floating by at eye level...

exotic flowers and hummingbirds...

Here at home - catching the bee in the crocus..

holding a hummingbird..

From our NC times, there is Johnson's in Siler City, great hamburgers and as old as I am!

Large snake in Costa Rico

And Great White Pelicans at Farmington Bay..

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