Monday, July 21, 2014

Nature's Gifts

At home yesterday afternoon we were given several gifts from Mother Nature - dramatic skies, lightning, rain, and rainbows! Sometimes all you can do is sit and click cause it is so perfect!

This is worth clicking on to see it bigger! Also note the stray lightning in the middle top of the photo.

Storm coming up from the south.

Looking NE at the play of light on the land and sky.

Double rainbows entertained and then devolved into the single bright light at the bottom.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


This afternoon Murph and I checked out James Walter Fitzgerald Wildlife Management Area south of Tooele about 25 miles. It's an easy drive down Hwy 36 and we got there and parked and walked across the dike. I'd planned to get Murph in the water, but it was so low that everything was almost quicksand and he didn't get wet.
Great big sky country with storm clouds around - we didn't get any rain there but as I am typing these a rain burst is going over the house! Looks like a lightning caused fire just east of Tooele in Pine Canyon - burning well cause I can see flames from here.
Here's a couple of shots from today!

Pelicans hanging out.

Storm clouds headed our way.

"Hunkered Down" - when the wind picked up ahead of the storm the pelicans just got down.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Around the neighborhood

An early morning rise was cool and comfortable on the front porch watching the light slowly rise behind the Oquirrh's. Murph and I meandered through town, then down to Stockton to view the burnt area from the fire yesterday. Then over past Rush Lake to 'Raptor Way' which runs down to Rush Valley and over Clover Springs and back up the Dugway road. We saw a LOT of hawks, many of which seemed young and had markings that were not immediately identifiable. A couple of them are below. Murphy had a good swim at Horseshoe Springs on the way up and we saw something that must have been there for a while - but I had not seen before - the Shoe Tree! Sometimes you are looking so hard for one thing that you miss the obvious!

These clouds/smoke were over the Oquirrh's yesterday morning but before the Stockton fire.

This guy looks like a real doofus!

The (now) infamous Shoe Tree!

Dragonfly at Horseshoe Springs - poetry in motion

This hawk looks awake and alive!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Horseshoe Springs visit

I had been promising Murph a visit to Horseshoe Springs so after dropping Diana at the airport we headed west. A warm day but not quite as bad as yesterday.
One pair of black-necked stilts was left at the springs and they buzzed us a couple of times, then went away. Mostly there were dragonflies and deer flies, the latter of which bite quite hard! We did see two large carp and they swam away quite quickly right under Murphy's nose - I thought (hoped) he would jump in after them but it was not to be!
On the way home a young hawk caught her dinner and let us take a couple of shots!

Big sky country again - always opens my heart!

Nature creates art - we just have to see it and enjoy it.

Heaven for a black lab is fresh cool water on a hot day!

This hawk was wary of us and then... she went with her dinner.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Colors of the golden hour

While the super moon has been the focus this week, the golden hour continues to produce much beauty as shown below. Beautiful sunset photos are often a "dime a dozen" but I still love the beauty in the moment.

Antelope Island in the background with Ben Lomond way back!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer scenes

Our house is situated so that we look out the front to the Oquirrh's and the back to the Stansbury's.  The early morning light on the Stansbury's is often breathtaking, sometimes just neat but never boring. In the mornings I sit looking at the Oquirrh's and marvel at the intricacy of the formations that are millions of hears old.
During a rainstorm in the valley Murph and I drove over to Timpie Springs and waded in the fresh spring water stream while enjoying the landscape and clouds.

Sunrise on the Stansbury Mountains

Sunsetting on the Oquirrh Mountains.

The windstorm yesterday let us know in advance that there was wind coming.

Ancient rocks by Timpie Springs.

Ever at the ready Murphy keeps us safe!