Monday, January 21, 2019

Blood moon shots

The storm held off long enough that I got to witness the eclipse - fortunately from my front steps! I thought it was going to be too cloudy to see so I didn't set up in advance, these are all handheld at high ISO to get a decent shutter speed.
Good memories! Magical time..

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Refuge Saturday

An overcast day without much light and a cold breeze - but it was worth it. Lots of Bald Eagles on the ice and flying around - both adults and juveniles. Perhaps 25 or so that I saw. Tundra swans are out on the ice - a bit far for any kind of photos on a day like today.
Quite a few Harriers and Kestrels, along with 4 Great Egrets - very strange seeing them there this time of year.  Perhaps they were blown off course by the storm. They are usually in much warmer climes.
Lots of hunters and lots of birders, about par for a Saturday when there are low clouds. A lone Goldeneye swam and posed for me in the stream by the road, wary but not scared. Very wet everywhere - my normal walking path was mostly underwater..

Great Egrets in the grasses..

Adult and juvenile Eagles constantly on the move..

Goldeneye sneaking away from me..

Harriers a-hunting...

RWB - Red winged Blackbirds hang out all winter.

And, of course, the Kestrel posing for a photo....

Sunday, January 13, 2019

CROW - Clinic for Rehabilitation Of Wildlife

Last Wednesday we took a tour of the CROW clinic - and found it fascinating!  Here are people, both staff and volunteers, that are devoted to finding injured wildlife and rehabilitating it so it can be released into the wilds again and live as it should. More info at CROW.
While we didn't get the entire tour due to construction that was happening, what we saw gave us hope..for people and for the wildlife.
We also saw some cute wildlife, here's a couple of photos...

This baby alligator was in a container by itself, going and learning to catch things until able to survive on its own.

This dark-morph Red-tailed Hawk had a broken wing that had set already, so now he is an ambassador that the Clinic uses for education..

Billy, the Armadillo, is another ambassador. He's too imprinted with humans to forage on his own.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Sanibel Day 7 sunrise

Another cool morning - 54 - cool for here. An undramatic sunrise but a couple of photo ops this morning.

The Sanibel Stoop!!!


When you get tired of shelling...

Mother Nature has a sense of humor...

Sanibel Day 6 sunset

We booked dinner at The Mad Hatter so we could enjoy the sunset as well as excellent food - we were not disappointed on either account. An old favorite of ours, the Mad Hatter always provides exceptional food. And being able to watch the sun set before (or during) your meal is icing on the cake.
Here's a few photos from our time before dinner...

A lone shorebird kept us company during the sunset..

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Beach walk..

I took a long slow walk along the beach this afternoon and was surprised by all that I saw.  Here's some of the action along the way..

Cormorant was successful - about 5 feet off shore...

Royal tern, I believe..looks like a bald guy with hair in the back only..

Shorebirds moving along..

This guy has a fish in it's pouch...

Willets running along the beach..

Sanibel Day 6 Refuge

An early morning visit - 7:15am - on a day when it was cold - 55- and windy. The sun rising made for some interesting light on the birds as they flew by. Lots of white birds - pelicans, ibis, egrets large and small. Little Blue Herons and Tri-colored Herons mixed in with them easily and occasionally a GBH would tolerate their presence - but not too close.
Here's a few from the morning..


Great egrets braving the cold wind..

Snowy egrets

Snowy egret high lighted by the sun

One of the white bird gatherings.

Another white bird gathering..

Brown pelicans, snowy egrets cormorants and sea gull..

Great Egret and Ibis..