Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What a Day!!

Murphy and I set out to see what we could see - and what a lot we did see! Drove over to Stockton, then around Rush Lake and over to the Mormon Trail. From there to Rush Valley, then Clover Creek and over Johnson's Pass to Terra. From there to Skull Valley Road and home.

First, a coyote was 'windsurfing' on Rush Lake! Beautiful animal.

Then the mulies were playing and eating in a field in Rush Valley.

We stopped at Clover Creek Campground, that, although closed you can park and walk around. This Kingfisher came around TWICE and landed in the same tree both times because I couldn't get focus on him the first time!

No one enjoys snow more than Murphy!

While watching Murphy play this Redtailed Hawk came out to see if we were worth eating - sure gave us lots of good shots.

Once on Skull Valley Road, we flushed a Golden Eagle but were unable to capture any shots - and it was gorgeous! But a little further along sat this guy, a Rough-legged I think.

Our favorite stopping place, Horseshoe Bend Springs, was as beautiful as always.

Have you ever been 'buzzed' by a flock of Blue-winged Teal?  Scared the daylights out of me. They really didn't like me being close to their spot and they let me know it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Paris fun

I'm doing some cards and came across this one that I love from Paris...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Along the way

Here's a couple of shots from along the way - St. Benedict from the Benedictine Monastery Christ in the Desert and the wild horses from the Wild Horse Casino in Dulce, NM, home of the Jicarilla Apache Nation.

Note the picture behind St. Benedict - the monks walking up the hill to their monastery!

 The horses were 10 feet or so tall.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

On the road again

We stayed in Moab last night and wrapped up our driving about mid-day today. Sure nice to get home and snuggle with our pets. I caught a cold and it hit me hard yesterday and today, so taking meds and sleeping a lot now.
We saw a Golden Eagle just north of Monticello and then these pigeons in an old building in Price. Fun.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Ravens seem to be everywhere in the West, especially in the drier areas. Taos had its share of them. Out at the Monastery I sat and watched and listened to them - very interactive with one another and not always via sounds. The range of their sounds is intriguing and always makes me wonder what they are saying to one another.
So in their honor here are a couple of shots of ravens - and an old truck!


Easy capture - the Iron Raven.

I often see the ravens in conversation - sitting on a telephone pole crossbar and looking like they are kissing one another!  Here I think they were conversing about whether Jr should be allowed to go out on a date!

And then it got a little bit more animated!

Finally the truck. Sitting in a parking area with snow clouds and mountains behind it and a little light on it, gosh what a find!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Monastery

A few more shots from our trip to the monastery...

Cholla cactus getting ready for warmer weather.

What is it with crosses and sky - photographers love it.

A mural in the community dining room.

A metal wall hanging representing the Last Supper.

This mural is on the back wall in the community dining room - you can see size by finding Diana.

Christ in the Desert - Abiquiu'

Yesterday started out sunny and beautiful so we traveled over to Christ in the Desert - a Benedictine Monastery. Its at the end of a 13 mile Forest Service road in a beautiful valley. They brew beer, raise bees and sell honey and do a number of other things to produce income.
We were in time to attend a short service in the chapel, then wandered around and enjoyed the beauty and silence. After quite a while in the gift shop we spent a little time with a Brother from Mexico who showed us around a bit. A wonderful place and it has a guest house so perhaps we can come back and stay for awhile.
I took quite a few photos (what's new about that?) so will be sharing them over the next few days. Here's a starter bunch..

We crossed the Rio Grande just outside of Taos and looked down into the gorge.

An old schoolhouse on our way.

Spectacular country - bentonite hills and all colors of sandstone.


The Chapel

Inside the chapel the monks are leaving after the service.

The chapel structure is straw bale.

Three crosses on top of the mountain.

Looking back toward the chapel, gift shop on right, monastery housing is on the left behind the wall. Graveyard is at front right.

Looking out from the gift shop the views are inspiring.