Sunday, September 23, 2018

Morning walk - sunshine today

Cool and sunny, what a relief after a bit of rainy days. I walked up the road, watched rabbits run across the field with their tails in the air, young cows staring at me as if  I was an alien, starlings gargling, hooded crows cawing....
Planning to visit Dursey Island today via the cable car, hoping my heights issue will not be too bad. Then back up the peninsula to Josie's for dinner, which sits by a beautiful lake..

The sun played across the hills and water as the clouds moved by. What a magical place we are in.
Here's some of the magic I saw this morning..

These young studs watched me quite carefully, seems like wondering what I might be up to..

Hares everywhere - hiding in or running to the brush.

Dried fern..

Hooded crow with a bit of something in its mouth..

Wonderful light on the hills looking southward toward Ardgroom from the top of the hill..

Looking north from the hill above the house...

Down the road and past the gate lies the mystery..

Gargling starling sunning itself..

Classic Irish cottages and view..

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Garden and Pub..

Today was a bit less driving, we went up the road to Derreen Gardens, then to a relatively hidden pub with good food and drink. We had a lesson in farming mussels along with the food. Chatted with a German couple and petted (and fed) a couple of donkeys.  Pied wagtails surrounded us, bobbing up and down as they moved quickly in search of food.
Sean talked with a fisherman who caught smaller crabs, took their large legs for sale and threw them back to grow more. We ate an excellent chocolate brownie and drank exquisite slow whites at the Derreen Gardens cafe.
Enjoy - a very overcast and dark day so I struggled a bit with most of these.

The history of the gardens is fascinating..

Naked Ladies...

Low tide reflections

Green, green, green

Count the rings..

Mushrooms and leaves..

A interesting place to explore...

New Zealand Tree Ferns - dicksonia antartica

Magnolia bud..

Artichoke flower..

Helen's Pub and B&B in  Killmakaloge, just down the road from Dereen Gardens..

Mussel farming is fascinating - grown here on long ropes.

I enjoy Murphy's - seems (to me) a bit creamier than Guiness.

The Ladies Way went one way, and Lady's Way went another.

 These two came running down to the gate to get whatever we were going to give them - we pulled handfulls of grass, the same grass as was in their yards, but they seemed to like the stuff in our hands best.

Pied Wagtail, also known as 'washtail", "Peggy dishwasher", "Willy wagtail" and "wash tail".

  1. The origin of the washer names is a mystery, but it may be because women once washed clothes, as well as pot and pans, by a stream or village pump, the sort of place that pied wagtails also frequent.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Over the mountain pass..

The day started with a great sunrise followed quickly by clouds ... but they broke up soon and off we went. Our plan was to cross the Healy Pass, visit an art gallery in Adrigole, stop in Glengariff for more firewood and then on to Kenmare for lunch. Then the Heritage Center and the Kenmare stone circle, stop and pick up some groceries and head home. A pretty full day all in all.
Of course it is never that simple with a photographer on board, especially when he is driving! Multiple stops for photos, time to pet the dogs along the way and chasing possible photo ops along the streets! Occasionally turning around and going back to see if the view is worth shooting.  I had very tolerant companions.
So here's today's results for your enjoyment..

Here's what greeted us this morning..

 Partway up Healy Pass we stopped to admire the scenery..

Another rainbow visible over the Kenmare River from the pass.

 Beautiful pastoral scene with the lake, the hills and the islands...

Someone left this scooter at the top of the pass, perhaps to entice someone to ride it down!!

Here's the road and hill they would have to ride the scooter down...

Another view from higher up..looking north to the Kenmare river and Ardgroom..

Just over the top of the pass there is a little store and this shrine...

Here's what the other side of the mountain looked like - looking south to Adrigole and Bantry Bay.

Here's Charlie - met him at the Adrigole Arts Center. He loved to play.....

Kenmare main street - The Purple Heather is a favorite of ours..

Colors and shapes..

These two were watching their dad - they never took their eyes off him..

Here's the Stone Circle...Fascinating..

In closing, the horse and the Irish robin say goodbye..

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Wild Atlantic Way

A rainy, cloudy day but what the heck! We're not getting any younger. Off we went down the Wild Atlantic Way.
First stop was at the potters again, as Lisa and Sean had not been there. Then down the single lane road keeping my eyes peeled for turnouts and cars coming.
I was watching the road so hard I almost missed the photo of a lifetime - the rainbow! Brilliantly bright, very close and fortunately a pullout was right there. What fortune!
Then on our way, all of us marveling at the incredible scenery, the rawness of the wild land and the calm where a farmer had tamed it (for a while). The contrasts were stunning. Despite regular rain and lots of clouds it was the perfect day - or most likely it was because of them. Sunshine is great but cloudiness can help you see things otherwise hidden. Plus the saturated colors continue to pour into the eyeballs..
We stopped briefly at Kilcatherine - the church and graveyard along the way, and then again in Eyeries before heading back into Ardgroom for an Irish coffee to warm us up at the Village Inn.


Our roadside miracle!

Wandering along..

The wild and the tamed..

A very peaceful stop..

Eyeries - colorful small town..

Our pub and dinner spot in Ardgroom..