Thursday, September 21, 2017

Before the storm

Visited the refuge today, my first time since they have opened up the entire road. Not much around in the way of raptors, a harrier and a kestrel were all I saw. This seems to continue the low raptor sightings that I've experienced all year.
On the other side, there were a lot of pelicans around and quite a few egrets. Some GBH's, very hard to see in the very tall grass.  Plus a very cute vulture!

Avocets love to walk and feed in a line.  Non-breeding plumage.

Hiding away

Why did the chicken cross the road?


Mother and daughter

Cutie pie

Hovering hunter

Goofy pelicans!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Looking back

I'm reviewing the photos from Oregon, looking what to keep and what to delete. How many whales tails can you keep!!!!?
Here's some that I don't think I put on the blog before..


Small crabs in tidepool.

Detritus on bottom of tide pool.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Travel day

We're driving to Portland to catch a 5pm flight home - so took a few goodbye photos this morning. Very chilly and damp as the rainy weather moves in.

Looking south

Ubiquitous crow taunting his buddies...

Patterns again

Looking north

Commercial fishing primer

Along the boardwalk at the Newport Bayfront is a series of signs describing various commercial fishing techniques for various fishes. Very interesting..

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Port of Newport

The Port of Newport is a very active fishing port, with a fish-processing plant on the docks. The owner of our VRBO works for them and has for many years.
So on the dock, places are reserved for fishermen, the boats are active, and the atmosphere is, well, fishy! Added into that is the Sea Lions noise and it becomes quite a symphony at some places along the docks.
We had a great brunch and then wandered the docks, Diana in the shops and myself along the bay. Here's some of the shots from today.

Come and buy fresh caught fish and crabs from the boats.

The comedians were out in full force - fascinating to watch and noisy to listen to. So much interaction and then quickly, nothing. Everyone lays down. Then a young buck tries to get on the float and away we go again. Lots of noise and flashing of teeth but never saw a real bite.

Newport has this historic bridge - quite beautiful.

Saturday morning

Cloudy morning with fog banks way out on the ocean. Quiet and chilly morning, 95% humidity at 51 degrees with a slight breeze. Low light photos again this morning, a few whale spouts to tease, and a lone brown pelican winged its way past the point. Plus a coastal Christmas tree!!

Ever hopeful....

Fun on the sand and in the water

Brown Pellie saying hello

Light still on at Lighthouse

Fog bank curving over the water in the distance

A crow - talking of course!


Year-round Christmas tree for the coast.