Sunday, March 18, 2018

Day 4 morning

Cold wind this morning, had to bundle up against the wind. Nevertheless the seals were in the water and playing - no sun so not up on the rocks.
Found more oystercatchers and then rocks with blue in them - fascinating..
Whales later..

Ravens consulting..

This guy wanted to show off and play!

Can't forget the little birds.

Love the shapes and colors.

Black Oystercatcher 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sea Ranch Day 3 midday

I'm home alone, everyone else is in Anderson Valley drinking wine at the wineries! :-(

So some time on the bluffs was called for - here's some of what I enjoyed today.

Rainbow in the distance. (aren't they always in the distance?).

Through the looking glass...

Juvenile red-tailed watching..

Sunning on the rocks..

Trail on the bluffs..

Trees don't grow straight on the edge of the bluff..

Unknown bird on rock (haven't found out what it is yet).

Watching for whales..

Unique flowers..

Our home for the week..

A welcome visitor..

Sea Ranch Day 2

I wandered down to the bluffs overlooking the seal sanctuary this morning and got some cool views of seals. They are very wary - just moving forward I spooked a couple so I'm taking it quite easy when I'm there.
Spotted wild turkeys as we came home - males showing off and the females just eating and ignoring the males (so it seemed).
Later we wandered with our hosts around another area of Sea Ranch, and then tonight we had "Scotch on the rocks on the rocks" as the sun set! A tradition when we come out here.
Lots of whale spouts all day long, unfortunately most are very far out so no photos. But it is fun to see and imagine gliding over these monsters watching them swim.
Here's a few from the day..

Crocosmia in the light.

I think these are Little Curlews.

Love these walkways under the trees.

Great Egret flyby

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sea Ranch day 1

We are staying with friends at their place in Sea Ranch, CA, for a few days. We arrived about mid-afternoon after traveling through sunshine and rain. Shortly after we arrived our weathercaster advised that we had about 90 minutes of sunshine left before rain came - and darned if she wasn't right!
So we went down to the bluffs, watched seals, spotted a Black Oystercatcher, a few whale spouts out a ways and lovely ocean scenes.  Here's a few of the ones I liked..

Calla lilies growing behind the house..

Looking lazy but always watching..

Iceberg flowers

The crew

Black Oystercatcher..

Ocean scenes...

Reflections along our walk

Wild Iris..

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The good life..

For me, being able to be outdoors and take photos of whatever strikes me is the good life!