Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Refuge Tuesday

A gorgeous sunshine day, cool this morning but on the way to warm! A trip to the refuge was a spontaneous reaction to a need to be out in the open.
While much of the roadway at the refuge is closed off to permit safe breeding, the areas open to vehicles had a few wonders in them - Killdeer, Sandhill Cranes, etc..
Here's some shots from the day...

The Yellow-headed Blackbird met us at the entrance - didn't see any more after that.

Some unfortunate became the dinner and left behind the feathers.

One Great Blue Heron flyby - the rest of them are further down the closed road.

Killdeer - very emphatic that I leave her space NOW!

Sandhill Cranes winging along..

A few Red-winged Blackbirds around.

I found three pairs of Sandhill Cranes - wary but not frightened.

Mama goose on the nest.

Quite a few ducks with many different colors.

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