Saturday, June 16, 2018

Backyard on Saturday

A cooler day, only about 84. The Bewick's Wren is spending a lot of time in our yard, both on the ground and on the food cylinders. A Northern Flicker returned, probably done with raising the young ones so off s/he comes to get a snack.
Downy Woodpeckers are regulars now, sometimes with the adults feeding the young from the feeder. And the day Lilies are blooming!


Bewick's Wren

Northern Flicker - beautiful and destructive. I can see the holes in the stucco chimney down the street that they put there.

Spider Lily - one of the first to bloom.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Zoo Photo Walk

Randy and I braved the onslaught of kids to have a very good morning photo walk at the zoo. Starting with lions again - got to catch them out before they go to sleep, and ending with the newest addition to the zoo, a newborn zebra. The giraffe was eating leaves out of kids hands, delighting the kids and their parents.
Here's some of what we saw.


Helps to have the long neck and big body when the food is thrown..

Polar bear watching the seals swimming by through a window below water.

Red Panda...

Snow Leopard waking up..

Leo the Lynx..

A Sand Cat ...

Spoonbills in Utah!

This occurred during the bird show = raptors flying close to the audience and then up to the food place.

The elephants were dusting themselves..

The kid will remember this for a long time..

The newborn keeping cool..

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Refuge Wednesday

A hot quiet day at the refuge, still the terns and herons and egrets were busy..along with the Killdeer and Avocets and Stilts and various unidentified ducks!
Here's a few of what I saw today..

Stepping out!

Hiding out!

Black-crowned Night heron headed south..

I watched these two for quite a while - first the Great Egret would get close to the GBH, then the GBH would close the gap, then one would fly and then come back, then the other would fly and then come back...

Snowy Egrets show their beauty..

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Backyard fun

Taking photos around the house today, each day has new beauty to find. And things to laugh at, like Leo sleeping with his head on a rock!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Refuge again

I went back through my last refuge trip shots and found a couple more that I liked..

Pheasant eggs I believe - found four of them in a field and they appear to be hatched naturally.

The world needs more Canadien Geese!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Refuge Thursday

Another wonderful day at the refuge...this time I took a walk and was rewarded with herons and more herons - black-crowned night herons and GBH's! Terns are everywhere teasing the photographer to catch me if you can.

The hunter - he can hold still forever..

This barn swallow just had to get close to me - so I did it!

An adult and a young one, I think.

Red-winged Blackbird buzzing the heron.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Refuge Tuesday!

Hot! A light breeze saved the day and made being there tolerable.
Both the Yellow-headed Blackbird and the Barn Swallow just sat there while I pulled up and took my shots. Perhaps the heat contributed to their lethargy.
Sandhill cranes sounded in the distance but no sightings. Great Blue Herons flew to and fro around the rookery. Snowy egrets were to be seen as were a lot of American Avocets. I'm finding that with so many good photos of many of these that I am waiting for a unique opportunity or unique view before taking more.

White-faced Ibis feeding.

Little white butterflies that you see everywhere...never got to see the insides of their wings before.

Couldn't resist..

Common Tern in all its glory - fascinating bird.

Pied Bill Grebe posing between dives..