Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Refuge Tuesday!

Hot! A light breeze saved the day and made being there tolerable.
Both the Yellow-headed Blackbird and the Barn Swallow just sat there while I pulled up and took my shots. Perhaps the heat contributed to their lethargy.
Sandhill cranes sounded in the distance but no sightings. Great Blue Herons flew to and fro around the rookery. Snowy egrets were to be seen as were a lot of American Avocets. I'm finding that with so many good photos of many of these that I am waiting for a unique opportunity or unique view before taking more.

White-faced Ibis feeding.

Little white butterflies that you see everywhere...never got to see the insides of their wings before.

Couldn't resist..

Common Tern in all its glory - fascinating bird.

Pied Bill Grebe posing between dives..

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