Thursday, September 27, 2012

Early morning golf

I volunteered to take the team photos at the annual company golf tourney last Saturday. While it is a long day, I see folks that I haven't seen in a while, people that I have worked with over the last 12 years. I also get to see some wildlife - both two-legged and winged.  Red-tailed hawks watched us for a while, and a person being chased by police ran through the course, swimming across the stream to continue his escape.
It is also quiet out there and in the early morning provides the opportunity for some neat shots.  Here's a couple from the day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gone to the Dogs!

A large part of our time in the mountains revolves around our dogs.  This past weekend, Murphy and his friend Chaco shared the spotlight.
Chaco is a young, rescue dog of multiple breeds; Murphy is pretty relaxed as the elder dog. Usually the first day the two run around a lot - up hills, down hills and around and around. By the second day, Murphy has slowed down, and ignores Chaco's requests for play - even when Chaco is biting his ears!! Here's a few shots of the boys during the weekend.
The vests they have on were because it was hunting season.  Murphy got rid of his quickly! Chaco wore his proudly.

Chaco trying to get Murphy to play!

What have these people done to us now??

These next two were taken as Chaco and Murphy watched a doe and her two fawns cross in front of them a little ways down in the woods. Both dogs were very quiet despite the fawns jumping around.

Relaxing after a long day's play!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall in the mountains

Both Diana and I are from home states where the fall leaf colors are fantastic. Here in the West we do not get the same experience - not that the leaf colors aren't quite nice, but it is never the same (I know, you can't go home again!).
We were fortunate to spend much of the weekend and today in the Manti LaSal mountains above Fairview, and have a few photos of the glorious landscapes that Mother Nature provided for us. Aspen colors ranged from green to red, with yellow and orange in between. The firs show off their darkness against the brighter colors, and the contrast is quite breath-taking at times.
Down below the cabin the sheep herders were doing a last roundup of their sheep - probably close to a thousand or more to start with.  By the time we left, all sheep had been loaded onto the waiting trucks and hauled off to where ever they spend the winter.

Here's a few photos to start with - Enjoy!

Friday, September 21, 2012


I love our neighborhood - at any time there is usually something going on with a kid of some age!  Here, a 2-year old is 'walking' with her grandmother and her dog, just enjoying life as only a 2 year old can.
Moments like these are very precious and easily forgotten.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunshine and grass

These are always great mixes - sunshine and grass. The challenge is how to capture what the mind sees; and this challenge is what keeps life with photography interesting. Here's one take on a classic view.


Monida is the almost-ghost town that sits at the West entry to Centennial Valley. History says that people would take the train to Monida, then board a stagecoach and travel to Yellowstone through the valley. Lakeview, the place where we stayed, used to be a prospering little town with a couple of bars to help the travelers on their way.
A friend that worked for Union Pacific as a conductor often rode the section that passes through Monida.  He talks about the wildlife the guys would see - wolves, elk, bears, moose, etc., on their journey up to Bozeman and back.

Here's a view looking west at Monida from the top of the first hill as you enter the valley. It was quite smoky this day.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Joyousness

Fall brings many things to us and one of them is joyousness!  The mild weather, the angle of the sun, the colors of the plants preparing for winter, and more - so much joy.
Here's some joy that I caught today.

Leaving Centennial Valley - Day 5

On the way out of Centennial Jim and I stopped for a couple of shots around an old homestead. The sky was very smoky again, as it had been when we arrived, so perhaps it was fitting that we were leaving.
Sun and clouds combined over Sheep Mountain to provide a small spectacular display of lightworks!  Always remember to turn around when outdoors photographing as the best shots may be behind you, as these were.

Good memories remain.

Redtail on the loose!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Centennial Valley Day 5

This morning is our last scheduled time in the valley - breakfast in a few minutes and then packing and on our ways.  It has been a very good workshop for me - pushing boundaries on ways to express myself in writing and photography.
We had a show and tell last night, and - as always - I am amazed at the diversity of photographers when looking at the same things.  Some great shots.

To close out this episode, below are a couple of shots from last night and a few from this morning.  Morning today was a foggy morning and the sun rose quickly as a red ball. The clouds performed beautifully, as usual.

Sundowner hour on the deck.

Sheep Mountain bathed in sunset light.

Pre-sunrise this morning

It is very quiet with the fog this morning.

Last walk - a bit of exercise before breakfast.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Centennial Valley Day 4 morning

There is an old fire tower just up the hill from Lakeview, and it is in good condition.  A number of folks climbed it last night for the sunset viewing; a few of us climbed it this morning for the sunrise viewing. And while I am not particularly fond of heights, this 120 ft high tower was not bad. Coming down was the challenge, but if I looked straight ahead out over the landscape I could do it fine.

Below you will see some of the views from the tower; of the tower, an early morning view of Lakeview, and a couple of the sunrise at certain stages. It was a welcome beginning to the day and a great way to celebrate being alive.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Centennial Valley Day 3

We started the day once again with a hike out towards Sparrow Ponds, hoping to repeat our success at seeing moose - no go! But really, who cares? The beauty here is so transformative that there is always something else to astonish you.
So morning brought some nice shots - and another owl!! After morning class we went to Elk Lake Lodge, up the road a ways.  The remaining shots are from there - and you can see what a great environment for class this is. The wind has blown out most of the smoke and now the valley is truly presenting itself - like a proud parent with many different offspring to show you.
Here's a few shots - Enjoy!


This is the group who partners and runs the campus here.


On the way out of Lakeview to Elk Lake

Upper Elk Lake

Mergansers sneaking by

Summertime and the living is easy - especially if you are 8 yrs old and have a dog that will let you use her as a pillow.

Aspen changing above Elk Lake - and that is a bald eagle - the black dot in the upper left sky.

Our 'work' area this afternoon!