Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall in the mountains

Both Diana and I are from home states where the fall leaf colors are fantastic. Here in the West we do not get the same experience - not that the leaf colors aren't quite nice, but it is never the same (I know, you can't go home again!).
We were fortunate to spend much of the weekend and today in the Manti LaSal mountains above Fairview, and have a few photos of the glorious landscapes that Mother Nature provided for us. Aspen colors ranged from green to red, with yellow and orange in between. The firs show off their darkness against the brighter colors, and the contrast is quite breath-taking at times.
Down below the cabin the sheep herders were doing a last roundup of their sheep - probably close to a thousand or more to start with.  By the time we left, all sheep had been loaded onto the waiting trucks and hauled off to where ever they spend the winter.

Here's a few photos to start with - Enjoy!

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Ol'-Hippie said...

We may not live in a heavly wooded area, yet the images you bring highlight the beauty that is all around us.

Thank you for sharing