Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Centennial Valley Day 1

I'm attending a workshop on writing and photography that is being held in Centennial Valley, Montana. If you Google it, it is about 25 miles east of Monida, MT.
It has been a long first day - but I wanted to share a few photos with you of this very beautiful place. More details in later posts.  Rather than documenting the trip, what I'll be sharing are those views that touched me in some way.  The space here seems limitless, and it contains those wonderful colors of the west.
One of the intentions of the time here is to unearth more fully my voice in both photography and writing. I am ready.

Waterfall feature behind the main conference center - bright sun subdued light.

This is the same view as the one just above the waterfall, only taken a couple of hours later.

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fitcchick1 said...

gorgeous shots, Ger. Wide open country.