Friday, September 14, 2012

Centennial Valley Day 3

We started the day once again with a hike out towards Sparrow Ponds, hoping to repeat our success at seeing moose - no go! But really, who cares? The beauty here is so transformative that there is always something else to astonish you.
So morning brought some nice shots - and another owl!! After morning class we went to Elk Lake Lodge, up the road a ways.  The remaining shots are from there - and you can see what a great environment for class this is. The wind has blown out most of the smoke and now the valley is truly presenting itself - like a proud parent with many different offspring to show you.
Here's a few shots - Enjoy!


This is the group who partners and runs the campus here.


On the way out of Lakeview to Elk Lake

Upper Elk Lake

Mergansers sneaking by

Summertime and the living is easy - especially if you are 8 yrs old and have a dog that will let you use her as a pillow.

Aspen changing above Elk Lake - and that is a bald eagle - the black dot in the upper left sky.

Our 'work' area this afternoon!

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