Sunday, September 16, 2012

Centennial Valley Day 5

This morning is our last scheduled time in the valley - breakfast in a few minutes and then packing and on our ways.  It has been a very good workshop for me - pushing boundaries on ways to express myself in writing and photography.
We had a show and tell last night, and - as always - I am amazed at the diversity of photographers when looking at the same things.  Some great shots.

To close out this episode, below are a couple of shots from last night and a few from this morning.  Morning today was a foggy morning and the sun rose quickly as a red ball. The clouds performed beautifully, as usual.

Sundowner hour on the deck.

Sheep Mountain bathed in sunset light.

Pre-sunrise this morning

It is very quiet with the fog this morning.

Last walk - a bit of exercise before breakfast.

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