Saturday, January 31, 2015


Despite the low-hanging clouds and fog and smog Murph and I set off to see what we would see. First over to the Mormon trail and a nice long walk up a ravine with plenty of sagebrush and rabbit smell for him to enjoy. Then on down to Stockton and the cutover by the Stockton Bar (sandbar not liquor bar) and we found a bald eagle that was being mobbed by ravens. We stopped and the ravens left as well as the eagle but we got one shot in anyway.
Once we got to Stockton we took a new road up to Jacobs City/Soldier Canyon - it looks like a great place to explore when it dries out a bit.  Intriguing history if you read the signs below (click on them to make them larger)
A cool damp day with occasional light rain. But there are photos out there waiting for you anyways.

A red-tailed hawk started us out.

The eagle looks a bit wide-eyed - perhaps wondering what was coming next when this vehicle drives off the road towards him?!

Here's the brief story on Jacob City!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Inverted days

There is a white fog/smog level just above us here in the valley and it is very depressing. Just hanging around the house and had planned to do some tilling today but a light rain last night made every thing baby-poop slick! Will wait for drier weather.
Here are a couple of shots from Antelope Island taken at another time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Revisiting Key West

We're still here in Utah but I love revisiting Key West photos - memories of warm days, good food, great scenery and just fun. Here's a few shots from that trip:

Early morning shot after rain, on my way to get some Cuban coffee to wake up to:

Pretty classic view - cruise ship on horizon and pelicans hanging out.

The southernmost point of the US - there is a marker here. Love the fence and lighting.

The long, long bridge is the only way to the Keys by car.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Out of the smog

Murph and I went to the next exit after Delle on I-80 headed west and 'splored a bit! A lot of wide open country with neat rocks and rolling hills. After a short drive we found a gully to park in and hiked around.
I've been using a new camera - a Fujifilm - XT1 mirrorless camera - to see how it operates and feels. Mirrorless has been talked about as the next big thing in cameras so I thought a trial was in order :-). The shots from this trip are taken with the XT1.

First off there were wonderful clouds this morning.

Out in the desert, this country is very peaceful and beautiful.

You can see how off-roaders can tear up delicate landscapes.

The camera has a built-in panorama setting, so tried it out from a small cave that Murphy found.

The arch was a hit with me and the sun!

Lastly the tree cried out for a BW treatment.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday meanderings

Diana, Murphy and I wandered down to Lookout Pass on the Pony Express trail yesterday morning - breakfast at the only Greek restaurant in town first. We were looking for Aunt Libby's Pet Cemetery that we had read about in a local newspaper article and we found it. Aunt Libby and her husband lived at the Lookout Pass Station for several years and Libby buried her various pets in a small cemetery.
Then in the early evening we met Lisa and Sean for dinner and then enjoyed the Salt Lake Symphony playing with young pianists - young meaning 12 to 16 years old. The kids were all winners in a competition and wow could they play! An enjoyable and delightful time!
A few shots from the day..

View from Lookout Point NW - buildings at Dugway in middle.

Mother Nature is infinitely creative!

 On to the Symphony at Libby Gardner Hall

Sound panels in the roof

A little pre-concert de-stressing.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


From the backwaters of British Columbia to frolicking Key West - a couple of keepers from our travels.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Here's a couple of neighbors that Murph and I encounter whilst walking around. That horse is BIG!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

In and Out

From morning clouds to evening moon and planets over the mountains mixed in with flowering beauty inside - a wonderful day once again!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Out and About

During our walk around the neighborhood yesterday morning, there was a lot of horse activity going on. First our neighbor's daughters' horse who seemed to be looking down the road for his mistress; then the two horses engaging in whatever - very cute.
A ride through Rush Valley was next (no breakfast at Penneys today) with some landscape shots and a couple of hikes with Murph.

A beauty!

Whatever was going on with these two horses - you can make up almost any story you want to for the next three photos.

A much photographed old house in Rush Valley just off Hwy 36.

I've seen signs like this before but never with the last part about survivors.

Mountains and buttes frame the magnesium plant exhaust gases.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


We visited Ophir yesterday, something we had been wanting to do since we moved here. Starting with breakfast at Penneys on Hwy 36 and then on to Ophir. Coming back we explored the Elk ranch in Rush Valley but saw no elk, then took a return drive along the Mormon trail to Grantsville and then home. A peaceful day as very little traffic on the road and the clouds and smog made a monochrome vista with the sun showing up occasionally.

First breakfast at Penneys - I skipped dinner the night before to be able to have this....

Our first stop on the way up the canyon was the Ophir Cemetery

A couple of shots of the mining apparatus left - there is quite a bit of the mining infrastructure left and is fascinating to look at.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


There is a country western song that goes - "Somedays the diamond, somedays the stone - somedays the hard times just won't leave me alone!" Add in a good twang and you have it!
Anyway, today was a diamond day at the wildlife refuge with birds hiding and waiting to be discovered and others making much noise so I would wake up and photograph them (kingfisher). In between there were long walks on the dikes with Murphy and some photo ops along the way.  Here's some of the wonderful day..

This young guy was hiding in a Russian Olive tree by the side of the road hoping no one would notice him!

Pied Bill Grebe in the back with two other small ducks that I've not yet identified.

I love wooden fences.

Lying on the bed of broken grasses this seemed like an offering to me.

This heron was hiding right at the first bridge and I almost missed him. I backed up and he realized the gig was up! So he walked towards me and started talking quite loudly.

A bigger view and one that reminds you that it is still winter in the marshland.

This beauty made enough noise that my consciousness finally recognized his call and I stopped!  Had to back up the truck to get this view.  Kingfishers don't sit around waiting for you to take their photo very often so this was a special treat! Glad my hair doesn't look like his!