Saturday, January 31, 2015


Despite the low-hanging clouds and fog and smog Murph and I set off to see what we would see. First over to the Mormon trail and a nice long walk up a ravine with plenty of sagebrush and rabbit smell for him to enjoy. Then on down to Stockton and the cutover by the Stockton Bar (sandbar not liquor bar) and we found a bald eagle that was being mobbed by ravens. We stopped and the ravens left as well as the eagle but we got one shot in anyway.
Once we got to Stockton we took a new road up to Jacobs City/Soldier Canyon - it looks like a great place to explore when it dries out a bit.  Intriguing history if you read the signs below (click on them to make them larger)
A cool damp day with occasional light rain. But there are photos out there waiting for you anyways.

A red-tailed hawk started us out.

The eagle looks a bit wide-eyed - perhaps wondering what was coming next when this vehicle drives off the road towards him?!

Here's the brief story on Jacob City!

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