Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Day at the Bay

We toured the Farmington Bay Wildlife refuge yesterday morning while it was pretty socked in with fog/smog. It cleared a little after an hour or so and was pretty quiet overall. A few duck hunters trying their luck and a few photographers/bird watchers trying theirs.
The eagles were few and way out on the ice but the GBH's made up for them - I counted 14 overall. Kestrels and Harriers were hunting, generally pretty successfully as you'll see. A nice relaxing morning with minimal traffic.

Wonderful dreamy landscapes

GBH and Bald Eagle on ice.

WTF says the Duck?!

This guy flew from a bush as I was about to take a photo of him, spent about 10 seconds in the air hovering and then bang! got his lunch and brought it to this pole to eat and to be photographed.

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