Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday meanderings

Diana, Murphy and I wandered down to Lookout Pass on the Pony Express trail yesterday morning - breakfast at the only Greek restaurant in town first. We were looking for Aunt Libby's Pet Cemetery that we had read about in a local newspaper article and we found it. Aunt Libby and her husband lived at the Lookout Pass Station for several years and Libby buried her various pets in a small cemetery.
Then in the early evening we met Lisa and Sean for dinner and then enjoyed the Salt Lake Symphony playing with young pianists - young meaning 12 to 16 years old. The kids were all winners in a competition and wow could they play! An enjoyable and delightful time!
A few shots from the day..

View from Lookout Point NW - buildings at Dugway in middle.

Mother Nature is infinitely creative!

 On to the Symphony at Libby Gardner Hall

Sound panels in the roof

A little pre-concert de-stressing.

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