Monday, January 26, 2015

Out of the smog

Murph and I went to the next exit after Delle on I-80 headed west and 'splored a bit! A lot of wide open country with neat rocks and rolling hills. After a short drive we found a gully to park in and hiked around.
I've been using a new camera - a Fujifilm - XT1 mirrorless camera - to see how it operates and feels. Mirrorless has been talked about as the next big thing in cameras so I thought a trial was in order :-). The shots from this trip are taken with the XT1.

First off there were wonderful clouds this morning.

Out in the desert, this country is very peaceful and beautiful.

You can see how off-roaders can tear up delicate landscapes.

The camera has a built-in panorama setting, so tried it out from a small cave that Murphy found.

The arch was a hit with me and the sun!

Lastly the tree cried out for a BW treatment.

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