Sunday, January 18, 2015


There is a country western song that goes - "Somedays the diamond, somedays the stone - somedays the hard times just won't leave me alone!" Add in a good twang and you have it!
Anyway, today was a diamond day at the wildlife refuge with birds hiding and waiting to be discovered and others making much noise so I would wake up and photograph them (kingfisher). In between there were long walks on the dikes with Murphy and some photo ops along the way.  Here's some of the wonderful day..

This young guy was hiding in a Russian Olive tree by the side of the road hoping no one would notice him!

Pied Bill Grebe in the back with two other small ducks that I've not yet identified.

I love wooden fences.

Lying on the bed of broken grasses this seemed like an offering to me.

This heron was hiding right at the first bridge and I almost missed him. I backed up and he realized the gig was up! So he walked towards me and started talking quite loudly.

A bigger view and one that reminds you that it is still winter in the marshland.

This beauty made enough noise that my consciousness finally recognized his call and I stopped!  Had to back up the truck to get this view.  Kingfishers don't sit around waiting for you to take their photo very often so this was a special treat! Glad my hair doesn't look like his!

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