Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Looking back

Purple is beautiful especially in flowers. I love to look back at photos from our trip.


Anonymous said...

Three good days of photos deserve recognition, and the theme has to be color. In “Looking back,” I’m not so sure about the purple, unless it’s on a canon or an actual purple cannon. Has the flower lost texture as the color slider slipped to VV (vivid violet) and thus begin to ask for other adjustments, e.g. a new crop, etc.? I’m feeling the high value and intensity of the color is challenging the image here, which is fun because it doesn’t later. (By-the-way, the pelican is absolute dynamite.) Sensing that the “Lonely” study is predicated on Moonrise, both your versions of “over Hernandez” are intriguing. I really think Ansel would be jealous. It’s fascinating how the bw supports the image (and what we would probably agree is its strong aura) compared to the color. Individual object identity is enhanced by the color giving a comparatively busy activity of competing elements and planes. It is daytime, with all of daytime’s occupations and angsts, only with a moon showing. The bw pulls down the quiet curtain of night’s calm. The green roof goes to sleep, the camper shell on the right simply glows quietly and the gate in the fence becomes at once both more welcoming and more protective. Parts of the sky communicate with the grasses while the mountain’s glow moves forward to take control. Viva BW! But, of course, photography is a fickle master. In “Lonely,” a wonderful study of the same question, color has to win. The bw that aided the compositional unity in ”Moonrise” doesn’t hurt but doesn’t help the composition; lonely chair is simply forgotten chair, maybe for a reason. In the color version, however, we want to sit in that chair because there is life there. Yes, the color slider is over toward VV, but the little red flags aren’t just white dots—they dance across surface and the fence glows with life. While the bw has few questions to engage us, the color asks sand or snow, fence, screen or wall, and what’s behind. The chair is lonely not because it is forgotten, but because it isn’t occupied and, we can see, it should be. So, great explorations of color, not that plenty else isn’t going on. Thanks for sharing; it’s fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

wow! anonymous wrote a lot! i say great shot! love the flower and heron. looks like a fantastic trip east.
today felt like florida. it was so warm. brody and i just wore flannel shirts. thats all. could you hear the herons feathers as he/ she flew by? that looks close.