Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gone to the Dogs!

A large part of our time in the mountains revolves around our dogs.  This past weekend, Murphy and his friend Chaco shared the spotlight.
Chaco is a young, rescue dog of multiple breeds; Murphy is pretty relaxed as the elder dog. Usually the first day the two run around a lot - up hills, down hills and around and around. By the second day, Murphy has slowed down, and ignores Chaco's requests for play - even when Chaco is biting his ears!! Here's a few shots of the boys during the weekend.
The vests they have on were because it was hunting season.  Murphy got rid of his quickly! Chaco wore his proudly.

Chaco trying to get Murphy to play!

What have these people done to us now??

These next two were taken as Chaco and Murphy watched a doe and her two fawns cross in front of them a little ways down in the woods. Both dogs were very quiet despite the fawns jumping around.

Relaxing after a long day's play!

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