Thursday, October 5, 2017

The refuge again!

I hit the refuge about midday today, and it was just like a tomb - quiet, quiet!  So I just hung out and sure enough, things started to happen. A Grey Ghost (male harrier) glided by, a juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron posed, and the Western Grebes water danced (kind of) for me. A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk got curious and gave me a great shot!  Kingfisher shot by - no photos of the speed demon. Butterflies on rabbit brush and other flowers - along with a lot of honeybees.
Moments of beauty...

The butterflies were engrossed in the rabbit brush so I just walked up to them.

Juvenile black-crowned night herons - lots of them around if you watch closely.

Juvenile Red-tailed hawk..wait awhile and they'll often come to see what you are.

BB - butterfly and bee

American kestrel with dinner.

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