Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Refuge

Molly and I went out to the refuge about 9:30 this morning - wondered if the fog and rain would impact us but it was OK up there - partly cloudy. Cold though, 41 with a bit of a breeze made the windbreaker very comfortable.
A variety of beauty this morning, just as there always is, and here's some of the ones we capture..

Red-tailed hawk, no doubt at all.

Rough-legged flew right at me.

I think this is a juvenile Red-tailed - will check.

Antelope Island and the sun and the fall colors in the grasses.

Molly walked on this - very carefully and slowly. She was very glad to get off.

I believe a juvenile American Avocet.  Elegant.

Gathering of egrets and herons..busy place.

Storms bring unique and wonderful clouds.

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