Thursday, June 19, 2014


A number of plants did not make it in our herb garden so I dug the garden bed out and replaced it with a Gromix from Biograss. Nice to have loamy black soil again!!! We'll see how the plants do.
Good prices at HD on a few trees that we wanted got us this mini-forest that the birds love! Soon they will be planted.
Speaking of birds, this fabulous goldfinch returned last night - stunning in its display of black and yellow. The yellow-headed blackbirds continue to come and eat and the bullock's orioles show up regularly altho' not for a photo unfortunately.
Finally, the sunset beauty continues to make us say "Ahhh" and the warm oranges light as the sun disappears is very comforting.


Three Hornbeam, one Cottonwood, one Beech and one Japanese Plum tree (brought from Kensington Ave).

The savanna is quite yellow now. Great place for Sundowners!

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