Thursday, June 19, 2014


As I write this, this has been an afternoon with a sky without a cloud in sight!  We had a very good lunch at the Stockton Miner's Cafe - haddock fish and chips and a good talk with Chef Kent! After finishing with a Caramel Apple Fritter (Kent's recipe) we meandered back home and enjoyed a brief nap!
The birds visit our feeders regularly and sometimes - with the yellow-headed blackbirds - I think I may have created a monster since so many show up to eat. But I've decided to build another platform feeder with a 'cap' on it so only the smaller finches, etc. can get in. The Bullock's Oriole visited tonight and for the finale the local gentleman came around with his horse and carriage and what I believe are his grandkids!
A FUN day.

I counted 11 in this photo.

The Bullock's just shines with beauty.

This has become a regular event around the circle!

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