Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Day of Surprises - Frontier Suburbia!

It rained most of today turning our open areas into a mud that will not let go - like modeling clay but stickier! Murphy had to have his feet cleaned twice as he doesn't make much of a distinction between wet and dry!
We were participants to and observers of much wonderfulness. Diana found a young hummingbird struggling to fly in the front room - fortunately it was exhausted enough that it let me pick it up and take it out to the feeder where it drank nectar and revived and left us.
Lots of yellow-headed blackbirds are showing up to the feeder - a "merl"!
Small birds - mostly house finches - were finding every nook and cranny to hide from the rain - they are the darned cutest things!
Rainbows and beautiful clouds this evening capped off the day and a walk with Murphy through wet grass - he was running - made the perfect segway to dinner time!
While the dust and wind does tire us the beauty and exposure to nature in a more direct way is very rewarding.

One of Murphy's friends dropped by this morning to say hello (and see if any food was left over).

Finches hiding from the rain and wind.

Young hummer ready to eat. Diana took this photo.

A 'merl" of yellow-headed blackbirds at the feeder.

Looking east after the rain passed.

Big sky.

Murphy enjoying a romp through the wet grass.

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Gail said...

Nice photo, Diana! Well done!