Sunday, June 29, 2014


Rambled through the past week with a visit to North Willow Creek canyon in the Stansbury Mountains, sunsets, a weekend visit with my sister Sharon and plenty of subject matter. We have finalized a multi-phase plan for landscaping the lot and the initial phase begins July 7. So I'm taking photos for documentation around the house as that is where most of this phase's work will be done.  Sharon and I visited Horsehoe Springs and thoroughly enjoyed watching Murphy enjoy the water!
Here's a few things that caught my eye during the last few days.

The vastness of this area is hard to take in - here's Stansbury mountains coming down to the point and Stansbury Island in the GSL.

From the big to the small - all parts of our environment and beauty here.

I love horses and golden hour light.

Once you start looking these big guys are everywhere in a certain area at Horseshoe Springs!

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