Monday, June 23, 2014

Some shots from around the neighborhood

Today here are some shots from around the neighborhood - animals, birds, and scenery.

The western way of watering crops

Evening sun on clouds over Oquirrh's

Friendly neighbor down the street - he is one BIG horse!

Looking south - our house is the one with the tan truck in front.

Diana and her sister Lucille on the deck.

The house finches are in heaven!

Similar to many of the residents here, our neighbors have two horses and a large area for them - cuts down on the grass you have to mow.

Finally, a Bullock's Oriole female that is so much smarter than the male! She found and uses the oriole feeder while he is still trying to get nectar from the hummingbird feeder! Beauty and brains don't always seem to go together.

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Gail said...

Great photos, here and the previous ones. Love the day lily and the brilliant female oriole. Ladies are often smarter than the men. :-)