Friday, February 27, 2015


Ravens seem to be everywhere in the West, especially in the drier areas. Taos had its share of them. Out at the Monastery I sat and watched and listened to them - very interactive with one another and not always via sounds. The range of their sounds is intriguing and always makes me wonder what they are saying to one another.
So in their honor here are a couple of shots of ravens - and an old truck!


Easy capture - the Iron Raven.

I often see the ravens in conversation - sitting on a telephone pole crossbar and looking like they are kissing one another!  Here I think they were conversing about whether Jr should be allowed to go out on a date!

And then it got a little bit more animated!

Finally the truck. Sitting in a parking area with snow clouds and mountains behind it and a little light on it, gosh what a find!

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