Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Greetings from Taos!

Diana and I are taking a break and relaxing here in Taos.  We drove down yesterday and cannot recommend driving it all in one day. We hit the backend of the storm and had to change route to minimize snow issues. But we arrived safe - had a coyote run in front of us at night and a doe mulie standing in the highway at another point. No traffic - just fools like us on the road.
A relaxing day today with rest and good food; tonight wine and food and a video! Rough life.

Here's our abode - Wyndham in Taos.

Had to sneak a photo - but he and his wife were absolutely beautiful.

We wandered around this place - lots of artistic and craft beauty.

Had to get a bird in the blog!

A shrine at Our Lady of Guadeloupe

Architecture fun.

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