Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Walking the dikes

Murph and I walked the dikes at Timpie Springs WMA this morning, ostensibly to check out if any Peregrine Falcons were using the nest yet, was really just a good excuse to get out and see what was happening and take a long walk. Not much happening as far as birds - the normal quota of Canadien Geese - along with some Coots and a variety of ducks that I classify as UFD (unidentified flying duck). But the views were soothing and the sun was warm and no one else was there - perfect!
Here's a few shots from the trip...

We headed north on the dike and looked back at where we had started from. I am fascinated by the beauty and mystery of the mountain.

Sometimes the beauty just takes your breath away - like this feather and grasses and bubbles mix.

Another way to present the geese.


Another moment of beauty...

Looking at Antelope Island from the west side;

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