Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Today started with light rain, then cleared over time and warmed up to mid-50's. Hard to believe this is December 3.  Maybe this is the new norm.
Murph and I took a couple of walks and chased rabbits - and picked up a few photos to share along the way.

The meadowlark was sitting on the fence across from the house as we were getting into the truck. And the sheep herder is just down Erda Way.

These next two make me think of the John Denver song - "Sunshine makes me happy". The sun broke through the cloud cover to highlight the land.

Lichens are notoriously hard to capture well - but the shape of the rocks and the lichen and the color of it made this one stand out.

Sheep have taken winter residence here on the farmland just down the road from us along with their caretaker.

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