Thursday, December 25, 2014

A White Christmas

Well, the forecast came true - rain followed by snow and we do have a white Christmas indeed.  Not a lot of snow out here, at least that has stayed - maybe 2 inches on the grass while roads are wet. Mountains are shrouded in clouds and really act as a continuation of the white on the ground. Glad to have a little water.

Diana decorated the tree yesterday and Fuzzy showed his appreciation by bringing in a live mouse this morning and playing with it in the skirt under the tree. Guess he thought that with all the animal toys that were on the skirt - why not a real one?  Leo has been hanging out under the tree when he isn't bored and trolling for food.

A slo-mo day as Diana cooks gumbo for dinner tonight - the aroma is wonderful!

Tired out after all his mousing adventures!

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