Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another day in Paradise!

Between the beach and the wildlife refuge there is about as much wildlife as one can handle. In addition to all the shorebirds there are always surprises, such as this eagle this morning. Life is good.

This year has had many differences from our past visits - the 'murder' of crows that will come and wake us up; many more yellow crowned night herons than before, very few Great Blues around, four legged surprises such as raccoons, alligators and otters. They are all always here just that I haven't seen them on past visits.
Here's a few shots from the day for fun!

Without clouds there has been minimal drama for sunrises and sunsets. This morning, a GBH lured me down to the beach and I got these - and no GBH.

Eating while flying - and no tummy ache!

Bald Eagle, second morph?

Not a natural color but with a very cold white balance I like how it looks.

Diana's wake up team!

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