Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wandering on the dikes

Not a lot happening at the Farmington Bay Wildlife refuge today, a few birders out and the requisite number of duck hunters hoping to catch ducks flying low due to the clouds and incoming storm. Murph and I wandered on top of Goose Egg Hill and then down a dike and out in a field. Northern Harriers were out and busy, the Bald Eagle sat on the craggy tree as you start into the drive, Kestrels abounded including one that gave a young Red-tailed hawk a bit of talking to. Then a Grumpy Old Man sat silently as we left!

The view from Goose Egg Hill looking south.

Designs in ice.

The Kestrel on the upper right chased the Red-tailed Hawk away!

Harriers patrolled the marshes.

Goofy Coots played in the stream.

Grumpy Old Man as we left - he looks like he has a beard!

Stormy outlook at we headed towards Tooele Valley.

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