Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 6 in Sanibel

Time today was between the refuge and the beach with a dinner overlooking the sunset at the Mad Hatter Restaurant. The refuge trip was a lot about chasing otters - a whole crew of folks were following them down the trail as they moved from opening to opening. Finally they got tired of us and swam across a large body of water and disappeared!  Imagine 8 to 10 people with long lenses and cameras all pointed at you - enough to make anyone turn around and disappear!

The snowy egrets came back to the beach in force - they co-existed quite peacefully within a few feet of each other for a long time, then something changed and one chased the another a ways down the beach. Pelicans diving - headfirst as you would expect but I had not captured that before. And a final sunset photo.

Off to the colder country this afternoon, getting into SLC late. Be great to reunite with our kids.

Reddish Egret - both of the ones I saw this trip were standing still and never did their hunting dance.

Here's the otters looking at all the photographers lined up on the side of the waterway.


This guy was animated about something!

A turtle decides whether he should move forward or not!

The sunset is always worth watching whether it is outstanding or just normal.

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