Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Syracuse Day 1

We slept late, enjoyed a nice fruit breakfast, with Riley the dog and various cats that come by for food. We met Bailey the horse and wandered around the property a bit before heading over to relatives for the day.
Our BnB has a pool and hot tub along with the afore-mentioned animals. Riley is a shaved Golden Retriever who weighs 90 pounds and behaves like no one has ever petted him before. What a riot! Glad Murphy is not here to see this or he would be very jealous.
A good rain last night left lots of droplets on the flowers and stems as well as provided water for the small frog you will see in the day lily. A very peaceful place and comfortable to be at.
Here's some shots of the day..

Bailey watching me closely

Back of our place with pool, hot tub and great flower gardens.

Riley, the perpetual overgrown boy!


Find the frog!

very nice.

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Gail said...

Love the frog. We don't get that sort of thing here in Utah.