Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chelsea Market

After a liesurely breakfast at a biodynamic restaurant, we followed our friends to Chelsea Market! A short walk to Central Park, a bit of travel on the subway and then another short walk to the market.
Along the way to the subway a small lion peeked at us from his window hiding place. Then an alleyway with some intriguing comments and pictures on it showed up.
Once in the market, it becomes quickly apparent that this could easily be an all day or even multi-day endeavor - to see the various shops, sample the various wares, and just take in all the variety of food and people that you are surrounded by. The visual and sensory stimulus is incredible - I stood just outside the spices and inhaled the wonderful aromas that came my way.
The final photo indicates a level of seriousness about car idling laws that make Utah's laughable.

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