Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some thoughts on retirement

July 16th, in my third week of official retirement and I'm not sure I have a clue yet! But I don't really worry about it as I am enjoying the tremendous luxury of not having to get up in the morning and go to work.
I'm still up at my normal time, drinking coffee on the deck, watching the clouds and sun mix it up at sunrise, and enjoying the bird sounds of the morning. Being in the beauty of our backyard without a need to plan ahead and get ready to go somewhere allows an opportunity to become more acquainted with the rhythm and pulse of nature.
The - so far - most visible change from working is making choices. Of course we make the choice to go to work... but without that stimulus almost everything else is a choice as to do it or not, when to do it, and so on. One phase of my retirement planning is to 'just chill' for the first couple of months, not get involved in doing a lot of things and attempt to sort out the activities that I value.  In line with that thinking here is a great quote that describes it so very well:

"I need to recover a rhythm in my heart that
moves my body first and my mind second, that
allows my soul to catch up with me. I need to 
take a sacred pause, as if I were a sun-warmed
rock in the center of a rushing river."

Dawna Markova from "I Will Not Die an Unlived Life"

Sitting on the deck or under the grape arbor watching the clouds go by reminds me of a time long ago in my life where us kids lay in the field grasses, watching the clouds and dreaming of various things real and unreal. One plan we had was to be bank robbers :-).

Enjoy your day; stop and smell the flowers; look at the clouds and make up things; give someone a hug!

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