Friday, July 19, 2013

Manhattan Day 1

We're in Manhattan for a couple of days staying at a friend's place. We are here for a dear friend's wedding and then to travel up to Syracuse for a week to see family and take a bit of a vacation. Murphy is in the good hands of Amy, our house and pet sitter, he is doing well.

We went out for a bite last night after arriving, and it was like getting out of prison! A real bar with or without food and no Zions curtain. Young folks (mostly at that hour) with lots of noise and good food and drink. Lots of folks out, walking dogs at night or walking themselves. HUMID! We will probably sweat off anything we drink!

Here's a couple of photos from the windows of their apartment on the 26th floor. The night shot shows the George Washington Bridge and then the sunrise this morning.  Truly looks like Gotham from a movie with all the pollution. The bottom one looks West from the same window as the second one was shot.

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