Monday, July 22, 2013

A Walk in the Park

Our friends' place is about two blocks west of Central Park. We took a walk there last evening, enjoying the movement, the shift in energy as as we walked from the street into the park. From a feeling of being 'enclosed' to a feeling of spaciousness and quiet in the park. The sun was setting and the full moon was rising; we wandered through the Great Lawn, around a reservoir, by a free concert pavilion with a band warming up, escorted at times by runners, walkers, and police on horseback or in scooters.
Our friend says this place is what keeps NYorkers sane and I can see why.

On our walk back we stopped and had dinner at a very nice Greek restaurant with good food, watching the lights come on in the apartment buildings.

I'm told that garbage is picked up everyday here in the city, so part of the sidewalk scenery is the bags of garbage, piles of cardboard and other miscellany waiting for disposition.

We're off to pick up a car and drive up to Syracuse today, overcast skies and a bit of light rain so far.

Four generations - that is incredible. This is on a park bench in Central Park.

Ready! Set!

Street art


Gail said...

I love NYC, I could live there. Almost sorry that my daughter and family moved from Long Island.

Anonymous said...

I love the bus stop one! did u use filters? it is second to last with taxis on corner