Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Visiting Antelope Dreamland again

Our friends Rick and Carey are visiting for Thanksgiving week, so while the girls cooked and shopped in preparation for tomorrow, the boys got up early and went to Antelope Island.  It took us about an hour to get across the 4-mile causeway, cause we just had to stop and take a lot of photos in the early morning light.
Murphy got to run around a lot; we saw a lot of buffaloes but no coyotes or antelope. Interesting what a difference between visits - the one I made two weeks ago and this one.  A mule deer did jump up and pose for us, which was much appreciated.

Here's a few photos that I liked.

Ranger Rick in the field with his trusty companion, Murphy in the background.

The mule deer was the excuse to shoot this, but the reflections in the top half of the photo make the picture.

Early morning light on Antelope

Dreamland again.
Sunrise over the lake.

All lines lead to the island.

Soft and gentle in morning light with seagulls resting nearby.

An experiment - not too bad.

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