Monday, November 12, 2012

Antelope Continued

These are a group of photos of shapes, forms, and animals that I liked from our adventure.  The boat slips are rentals for sail boats on the GSL and were serene in their coating of snow and quiet water that surrounded them in the morning. I included a shot of Murphy wildly chasing a rabbit - or rabbit scent anyway. He wore himself out but would not quit.

Look closely at the two coyotes photo and see if you can find their prey!! And the buffalo - I hollered nasty things at it to get it to turn around - then took the shot and drove off!  Don't know how much English he understands and did not want to find out!

The snow was beautiful in big landscape shots as well as small shots like the bush on the rock. I really could have devoted the entire trip to photographing the snowy grasses and sagebrush.


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