Saturday, November 10, 2012

Adventure completed

It was snowing early this morning when we headed out for Antelope Island.There was very little visibility until we got part way across the causeway. So the journey was one of faith - and the knowledge that beauty is everywhere.  Well, it was and is!

In summary, we saw lots of ducks, antelope, buffalo, coyote, rabbits (Murphy even saw one), burrowing owls, chukars, northern harriers, and various small birds. It turned out to be a busy day on the island, as the annual buffalo auction was being held.  Plus there were some folks camped out - in tents, no less!

As usual, the scenery was awe-inspiring. If the wind hadn't been so darn cold we would have stayed longer! Well worth every moment of cold that we experienced.

Here's a summary of photos from the morning - I put captions on most of them to hopefully make it more meaningful.


The view out the window this morning - heading North.

Starting across the causeway - not very promising!!

Made it to the island.

Would love to know what the buffalo on the right was thinking!!

Big sky country.

Peeking around the corner across the Salt Lake.  If you could see very close, you would see the Magnesium plant where Diana and I met.

Coming off the mountain and looking across the eastern side of the island.

Beautiful animals.

He sat just up the hill from the antelope - patience!!

This view is one reason we stay here.


The sun and cloud and water interplay was inspiring!

Water - or sand?

Nature paints in her own patterns.

Looking back across the causeway to Antelope on our way home.  


Anonymous said...

Great adventure. Thank you for awesome photos

3 C's in SLC said...

Beautiful pictures Gerry! I love seeing the coyote and of course the sky.I was hoping that your trip out there was safe and worth the trouble--obviously it was!!